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Pritha Rajyashree Sharma

With over 14 years of experience across lifestyle and fashion sectors, Pritha is known for having out of the box creative ideas and an intuitive knowledge for trends.

Her knowledge of PR is built on experience of  building exciting stories and narratives for the brands that she has worked on, with a focus & keen interest in social and digital media. Pritha has a wide array of work experience under her belt, from luxury to corporates she has incorporated her love for lifestyle and luxury with her business degree of London School of Economics.


Palak Malik

Taking inspiration from industry leaders and the creative heads in PR and communications started her journey after a degree in communications and marketing from National Academy Of Broadcasting and Multimedia, Delhi. If you ask her what motivates her, Food will be the answer! At any point during the day, food can cheer her up and her fondness for desserts tops her TTD at work. Inspired to travel around the globe but also right at home with the latest Netflix binge and Pizza. Loves the finest things in life and aims for ticking off the bucket list right. 


Arohi Jain

A brief intro about me would next to impossible.

But now that you are here let me tell you something about me. I did my graduation from Pearl Academy.

I have been working with TGS for 3 years now. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. Say anything about my work I might EXPECTO PATRONUM you!!!!


Prerna Goyal

Prerna is a triple major graduate in Media, English and Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. She is an absolute people person and like every millennial, who loves creating content and all things behind the scenes. She's had a long standing love affair with dance, fashion and photography, be it on or off camera!  Prerna says that she is also a sucker for PR and all things Influencer management.


Kavita Musale

Juggling between her love for Travel and Fashion and having built strong connections with media and celebrity stylists; her expertise lies in sourcing and styling, image consulting and building a visual image for brands. Kavita is a certified stylist from ModArt institute and has worked as a celebrity stylist prior to starting her career in PR and brand consulting. She's got a keen interest in dressing up individuals for their everyday lives, reading about 'whats In fashion' fuels her in her spare time. Apart from this learning a new skill, meeting new people and working out is something that keeps her going.



My name is Love and it’s real so don’t think twice. I graduated in fine art and hold a Masters in Design from NIFT. Yes I am a little extra, Dramebazz and always look fashionable because (AAP NEGRANI ME HAI).

Drop me a DM I can tell you a 100 stories about my name and my work. 

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